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Orchestrale Etnica Display

€ 6.714,29 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode 01AUT/2ED20000N
Productcode leverancier 01AUT/2ED20000N
Netto gewicht 65,00 Kg
Bruto gewicht 70,00 Kg
Afmetingen (l,b,h) 60 x 74 x 56 cm

Etnica display is the professional espresso machine at the top of its range and an evolution of the model Etnica. Automatic, with covered groups and display, it represents the indivisible bond between modern and ancient, where the future is son of history and the most modern technology matches with sounds and past times.

Etnica display is a coffee and cappuccino machine available automatic with normal and raised E61 groups as well (2 gr.e 3 gr.) with programmable portion control, dual gauges for boiler and pump pressure control , boiler and pipes of copper, pipes fittings of brass, frame of pure polished and satined stainless steel AISI 304 finished of methalcrylate and with these additional optionals : electronic injection autosteamer and LED lights.

In this professional coffee machine the alphameric display allows to plan the following funtions: Switch ON/OFF time of the coffee machine, cup warmer working temperature, warning of softner regeneration, autosteamer temperature.
Moreover it allows to display the following data: functional test / malfunctioning notice, coffees counting for single group and single metering, temperature and working boiler, boiler pressure.

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